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welcome to Adapt Fitness Personal Training

Online coaching and 1-1 personal training - Providing you with full support to help you get in the best shape of your life.


5 simple steps to lose fat fast

How to lose fat without losing your mind, even if you don't know where to start.

do THESE sound familiar?

  • You’re unhappy with the way you look and just want to feel better about yourself.

  • You don’t know how to lift weights or what exercises you should actually be doing in the gym to get results.

  • You don’t feel like you have time to commit to a healthier lifestyle or fitness regime.

  • You find it difficult to stay consistent with your training and nutrition, and when you do train, you don’t see results.

if this IS you, i can help

Adapt Fitness Personal Training specialises in life changing transformations through expert knowledge, bulletproof coaching systems & proven methods to guarantee great results


Go into every week and every workout with a clear plan of what you need to do to achieve your goals.


What do world-class athletes, business people, actors and musicians all have in common? They have a coach, to keep them on track and provide support, encouragement and advice. I’ll give you the same!


If you’re willing to put in the work, I’ll give you the programme, support and habits to achieve your goals and get world-class results.


My goal is to give you the knowledge and tools so you can maintain your results, long after you stop needing my support as your coach.


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Gill Murphy

I had 12 sessions with Andrew and I loved them all! He is so encouraging and makes you want to push harder. I can't believe the results I've had and can't wait to start my next block with him. If you are looking for someone to push you past what you thought your limits were and make you achieve things you never thought you could then I recommend him.

coaching with ANDREW

This isn’t just training - it’s a holistic approach to a more healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re working out online or face to face with me, I’ll help you create the right habits to keep you on track.

Using my App couldn't be easier, here’s what you get:

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I'll set your workouts in my App so they're all in one, easy to access place. Get all your exercises, reps, sets and video tutorials to guide you through every session.


Juggling workouts and a busy schedule can be difficult. The calendar will organise all your workouts, check-ins, activities and events, which will be scheduled for you by me.


The integrated chat function means you can speak to me directly and add comments to your workouts. You know where I am whenever you need me.


It’s important to stay on top of your progress. My App lets us both easily view and track your goals and progress in one simple place.


My App integrates with Fitbit, Withings, Apple Health/Watch and MyFitnessPal, enabling you to sync all your health and nutrition data.

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lives transformed everyday - are you next?

I help busy professionals and new gym goers to achieve fat loss, gain strength, increase muscle mass and improve sports performance with my proven programme that gives you the knowledge, strategies and accountability to unlock your full potential. 



Hey there, my name is Andrew Donald, Online Coach & Personal Trainer! I’ve been training busy professionals and new gym goers to achieve fat loss, gain strength, increase muscle mass and improve sports performance for the last 7 years to help them become the strongest version of themselves.


I became a PT after a near-fatal car accident I suffered a number of years ago. My recovery from that accident was due in the first instance to the surgical skills of my medical team, who persuaded me that only a dedicated physical training routine would ensure a complete return to full health. It was this dedication that convinced me of the importance of training and its vital correlation with good health and well-being. I have set and met my goals.


Through guidance and motivation and yes, teaching, as your Personal Trainer and gym manager, I'll be privileged to help set and meet your goals. As a Level 3 Personal Training and Level 2 Fitness coach, I am encouraging and supportive of my clients.


My proudest achievement is the weight loss results for some of my clients and changing the attitude of individuals who thought they wouldn't enjoy fitness. My mission is to help as many individuals as I can reach their goals.


If that sounds good to you then why not come work with me and join my team?

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This is for you if you want a bespoke plan, tailored to your goals with regular check-ins and accountability and you want to work out in your own time either at the gym or at home.


This is for you if you want in person motivation and support and a tailored program bespoke to your goals and are happy to meet at the gym for each session.


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